Sexting: How to Lighten Up Your Relationship

Sexual text message - from English sexting, is intended not only for young lovers. Why not try? Studies show that couples who warm up their sex life with sexting receive significant benefits

It's easy to understand how sending bright text messages can diversify sex life, but not all use these benefits - married couples are not sexting as often as at the beginning of a relationship.

Think of sexting as a private love game - which makes teasing, intriguing and leads to real love and even can help you marry a russian girl in the future. So, are you playing? Follow these three easy and simple steps.

Hot Flirt

The mind is our main sexual organ, and choosing the right coquettish words to seduce your partner can make him feel very welcome.

Start small: compliment him how beautiful or sexy he looked this morning. Then try to remember the night of hot sex that you had many years ago on your favorite vacation, and say how you want to repeat. When you are ready, write about what kind of sexual act you want to do with it when he returns from work. A guy will run home twice as fast as he usually does. Sexual desire, expectation, being teased is a strong force, motivating a person. The timing is important as well, give it time, let a partner to truly seek it, wait for it, the longer the better, but don’t do it like a month in advance.

Open desires

Perhaps you cannot say something directly, because you are ashamed to do it in a personal conversation? Sometimes it is much easier to send a message with wishes and a detailed description of what you like - how, where, in what position.

Perceive sexting as a prelude. A prelude in which in you describe, in detail or not, all the hidden desires of yours, all of your secrets. Being perverted in a conversation with a partner may be just the best way of arousal. A partner will feel wanted, someone truly wants him/her, that is a great thing to feel and know.


Most likely, you are already grown up - you have children, jobs and important meetings. Therefore, when sending a message, try to make sure that your husband is now comfortable reading it. Also, in the messages you can specify when he can drop in for lunch. To find you at home alone and at what hour the children go to sleep.

Long relationships are not a reason to become a boring couple. Yet it can become hard to make them interesting sometimes. You’ve just done everything you could have possible done and feel together by this point. However, it isn’t the reason to stop, it isn’t the reason to drop your partner and start looking for another, because love doesn’t have an expiration date, it is a thing you fight for, it is a thing, that needs to be refueled and brightened, sexting is a great way to do so. The excitement of knowing, that he/she still wants you is a powerful force. Image, after a long relationship, you are bored of your partner, you feel that the relationship and perhaps, life itself, grows stale, and then your loved one finds a way to change things up, making the sun brighter and makes you feel love again with all the new colors.