5 Most Common Mistakes During First Sex

The first sex can turn into a real test for a girl and leave a deep impression for the rest of her life. Let's try to make sure that in our enlightened age the first sex was beautiful.

The end of spring - the beginning of summer – is a very romantic time. Show this article to your adult daughter what is true love in a relationship if you feel that her first time is just around the corner.

Mistake 1

To assign a day to it. You feel that you are ready for real sex. After all, you and your lover have long passed from kisses to active petting and are sure that the intimacy will be unforgettable. You appoint a day when it happens, meet, grow timid ... In the end, you cannot relax properly, and closeness brings only pain. During the first contact, you can avoid unpleasant sensations, if you become thoroughly excited. Do not plan "this day", trust your body, and, probably, you will be one of the rare lucky ones who experienced orgasm during the first sex.

Mistake 2

Right here, right now. After an incendiary dance, you retire with a partner in a secluded corner. 10 seconds, and you're a woman? Yeah, very adult of you. No matter how happy of those champagne and candles you seem to be, do not rush to give them up. The first contact is remembered for life. Moreover, it is it who determines your sexual future. Having given a rush and getting a dose of adrenaline in a crowded place, you run the risk of earning vaginismus. Because of fear or pain, the muscles of the vagina shrink convulsively, and the introduction of a penis becomes impossible.

Unfortunately, this is not a one-time trouble, in the future, muscles can contract even with one thought of sex. But the common horror story about "clamped in a vice's grip" has no right to exist. Doctors say that the vaginal muscles do not have this power. "Capture" can occur only because of the pathologically disclosed cervix. But this is a completely different story.

Mistake 3

Expectations have been set too high. More experienced friends say that they have reached orgasm ten times, and you are sure that you will also get it. Do not trust girlish babble! Statistics show that from the first sex to orgasm, an average of 10 months of regular sexual activity. Do not be discouraged in your partner, train, and gradually you will know all the joys!

Mistake 4

Experienced macho. Of course, I want to be in the caring and gentle hands of an experienced lover. Sadly enough, but skillful lovers are a great rarity, besides, they themselves prefer no less sophisticated mistresses. You can start with the same virgin as you. Of course, he will blabber and talk about his many victories. Take it with a smile and do not joke about his inexperience. In addition, with an inexperienced lover you do not have to portray a sex goddess, you can relax and be yourself.

Mistake 5

Sex as a measure of relations. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a young man to achieve sex, promising stars, the moon and other luminaries. Even worse, when a young man tries to blackmail a girl, they say, there will be no sex - there will be no relationship. Remember! Your body belongs only to you, and you can only dispose of it. No one has the right to exert psychological pressure on you. Think only of your pleasure and comfort. Look to the sky in the evening - love romance millions of years, but the stars in the sky have not diminished!